• Baikal_Nomads_screenweaver_media_2018
    9. März 2018

    Baikal Nomads

  • Glyphosate_and_the_Human_Microbiome_2018
    9. März 2018

    Observing the Frontier

    Glyphosate and the Human Microbiome The age of interdisciplinary science is here! OTF 2018 is a forum that brings together sectors of the scientific community to promote a basic understanding of the whole – topics include solar activity, earth changes, earthquake forecasting, space weather and its effects on human health, and more. Featuring new speakers […]

  • 5. März 2018

    A NEW PARADIGM – Future Earth

    On the HAL Approach to the Progression Work Randi Green Go the HAL Psychology & HAL Classes to learn more… The HAL Classes… The free e-book… The HAL Club… More—  

  • 5. März 2018

    Important Supplements to Take

    Holistic spokesperson, author and researcher Ann Boroch was one of the small number of figures who was publicly in favor of holistic ideas and methods, the antithesis of Big Pharma. She gained acknowledgement after curing he own multiple sclerosis at the age of just 24, and went on to pen two successful books Healing Multiple […]

  • teleSUR_English_Abby_Martin_2018-03
    4. März 2018

    How Lobbyists Weaponized Transparency

    More episodes from TeleSUR English with Abby Martin + Empire Files Abby Martin Meets Ahed Tamimi—Message From A Freedom Fighter The relative absence of Palestinians in the Israeli media has an effect on Israelis, to the extent that many Israelis refuse to believe that an occupation that has lasted more than half a century even […]