• Richard David Precht beim Deutschen Medienkongress

    Wo der Keil der Sinnmaximierung auf einem Kongress der Gewinnmaximierer einwirkt... Die Diskussionskultur in unserer Gesellschaft ist Ablenkungs

  • Design is Circular

    The next big thing in design is circular. A new mindset for business is emerging. It’s worth around a trillion dollars, will drive innovation in tomorrow’s companies, and reshape every part of our liv

  • Freedom and Democracy – with Edward Snowden

    Freedom and Democracy - with Edward Snowden and Jeremy Scahill, Jürgen Todenhöfer, Paul Jay, Richard Wolff & Srećko Horvat. >> acTVi

  • Erwin Thoma baut in 33 Ländern 100 % HolzHäuser

    Erwin Thoma ist ein Pionier in Sachen Holz. Er baut in 33 Ländern Häuser, die zu 100 % aus Holz gefertigt werden. Seine Konstruktionen sind erd

  • Blockchain will radically transform the economy

    Say hello to the decentralized economy — the blockchain is about to change everything. In this lucid explainer of the complex (and confusin

  • Summit Community Events

    https://vimeo.com/174268907 Summit at Sea will convene a group of the brightest people in business and culture for a voyage across internation

  • So Far

    Icelandic artist Ólafur Arnalds performs live on KEXP from KEX Hostel in Reykjavik during Iceland

  • The Eternal Moment of Now

    In a world filled with distractions, there’s an art to being present. More than ever we have a million different places outside of ourself to p



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