• donut economics
    26. Januar 2018

    From Growth to Prosperity

    What on Earth is the Doughnut?… Humanity’s 21st century challenge is to meet the needs of all within the means of the planet. In other words, to ensure that no one falls short on life’s essentials (from food and housing to healthcare and political voice), while ensuring that collectively we do not overshoot our pressure […]

  • dominik-schroder
    8. Januar 2018

    Quantum Computer – Geordie Rose

    DWAVE Quantum Computer Gründer und CTO Geordie Rose sprach bei der Idea City 2013 über Technik und Potentiale der Quantencomputer.

  • Chandran_Nair_on_Most_Important_Technologies_Today_2018
    1. Januar 2018

    Digital Transformation: Chandran Nair

    Ready for the Digital Future? Artificial intelligence, virtual reality, self-driving cars, robots, and the Internet of Things are a mainstay in the news, but are we ready for the digital future? Do we have the necessary skills to take full advantage of new technologies? Digital transformation is a multi-disciplinary topic—perhaps one of the most complex […]

  • 10. November 2017

    The Role Of Utility Meters In Mass Surveillance

    We cannot imagine how mass surveillance is about to change the lives of everyone in the developed world. This video is an eye opener to help visualize the future and how to protect ourselves from the most invasive technologies ever created and used against society. LINK´s Digital Transformation: Chandran Nair 5G + what the Kids […]

  • American-Dream
    13. August 2017

    Peter Joseph & Abby Martin on Abolishing Capitalism

    Peter Joseph is the founder of the Zeitgeist Movement, a grassroots, worldwide organization that advocates an alternative economic system based on sustainability, cooperation and human need. His most recent book, ‘The New Human Rights Movement,’ delivers a startling exposé about the violent oppression that defines our economic order, while issuing an urgent call for global […]

  • 11. August 2017

    Tal Wilkenfeld – Under the Sun

    Mix – Donna Lee – Kinga Głyk Trio   Chick Corea – Spain (Duo by Elin Sandberg and Tracy Robertson) Berklee College of Music

  • the-lesson-lohas
    25. Februar 2017

    Artificial Intelligence + What makes people happy

    Future of Life Institute Elon Musk, Stuart Russell, Ray Kurzweil, Demis Hassabis, Sam Harris, Nick Bostrom, David Chalmers, Bart Selman, and Jaan Tallinn discuss with Max Tegmark (moderator) what likely outcomes might be if we succeed in building human-level AGI, and also what we would like to happen.   Daniel Khaneman discusses, with Erik Brynjoffsson, […]

  • 16. November 2016

    Journalismus + Strukturen der Macht

    „Die Architekten der Macht müssen eine Kraft schaffen, die man spüren aber nicht sehen kann. Macht bleibt stark, wenn sie im Dunklen bleibt – wird sie dem Sonnenlicht ausgesetzt, verflüchtigt sie sich.“ Dieser Erkenntnis stammt von Samuel Huntington und trifft es exakt. Die Architekten der Macht haben erkannt, dass die Dunkle Seite der Macht die […]

  • what_is_wrong
    2. Mai 2016

    What is Wrong With Our Culture

    „Why is it that we don’t seem to be able to adjust ourselves to the physical environment without destroying it? Weil die Quellen menschlicher Konflikte, soziale Ungerechtigkeit und Ausbeutung, in unserer Psyche liegen, müssen wir auch dort mit der Transformation der Gesellschaft beginnen. Obwohl doch unser schieres Überleben auf dem Spiel steht, setzen wir uns […]

  • Screen_Rifkin
    21. Januar 2016

    The Third Industrial Revolution

    Jeremy Rifkin will lay out a “Game plan for the future”, referring to the advent of a smart green digital economy as part of the Third Industrial Revolution. Rifkin argues that we are about to experience fundamental changes to our societies and economies, as a result of the digitalization of communication, energy, and transportation. Together, […]

  • Thomas Campbell
    23. Dezember 2015

    Nur wer handelt ändert sich und die Welt

    Change will happen, when you change Yourself Physiker und Autor Thomas Campbell darüber, was wir tun können, um die Welt zu verbessern. Dabei geht er unter anderem darauf ein, wieso es nichts bringt, Diktatoren mit Gewalt zu stürzen oder andere Menschen dazu zu zwingen, sich zu ändern. Veränderung muss aus eigenem Antrieb erfolgen, denn es […]

  • 18. Januar 2015

    Films For Action

    Changing the World Through Film Films For Action is a community-powered learning library for people who want to change the world. Film offers us a powerful tool to raise awareness of important issues not covered by the mainstream news. Our goal is to provide citizens with the information and perspectives essential to creating a more […]

  • Precht
    18. November 2014

    Industrie 4.0 – Richard David Precht

    INTERVIEW IN VOLLER LÄNGE: “Das ist die große Vision, die Unternehmen wie Google in die Welt setzen: Den Menschen von der Diktatur der Freiheit zu befreien!” (Richard David Precht) Im Gespräch mit Claudia Reiterer zeichnet der angesehene Philosoph ein faszinierendes, aber auch bedrückendes Bild einer vernetzten Gesellschaft, die an niemandem spurlos vorüber geht. Aber wir […]

  • Samadhi_Movie_2017
    4. Mai 2018

    Maya, the Illusion of the Self

    We have new films, retreats and awakening initiatives coming available periodically and we would love to share with you. If you would like to receive occasional emails from us please subscribe to our newsletter at Many other parts of the Samadhi series are in various stages of completion and will follow. It is quite […]

  • 13. April 2018

    Santilli Telescope + Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE)

    Thunder Energies Corporation has previously presented confirmations of the apparent existence of antimatter galaxies, antimatter asteroids and antimatter cosmic rays detected in preceding tests. In this breaking news, Thunder Energies presents evidence for the existence of Invisible Terrestrial Entities (ITE) if the dark and bright type. Technical information can be obtained from the scientific paper […]

  • 25. März 2018

    Geschützt: The Basic Truth

    Es gibt keinen Textauszug, da dies ein geschützter Beitrag ist.

  • 24. März 2018

    Cryptocurrencies: Last Week Tonight with John Oliver

    The Virtual Economy Is The End Of Freedom? How The Banks Bought Bitcoin | Lightning Network AI-Blockchain Singularity and DNA Computing

  • Dopese_13_Soulmate
    18. März 2018

    How Deep does the Rabbit Hole go?

    There is an awakening happening on this planet right now. A revolution in consciousness. What we collectively are beginning to see the sparks of right now are the seeds of an Awareness and Consciousness Renaissance. The Human Body is the highest level of organic consciousness technology in the universe and potential for activation and connection […]